Sunday, September 20, 2015

women's health - LEG PRESS




Begin with your feet on the upper portion of the footplate with your toes turned open to about 11:00 and 1:00 (see inset). Extend your legs to press the weight up and keep your knees unlocked. Allow a natural arch in your lower back and anchor down with your hands (A).


Slowly lower the footplate toward you by bending your knees and allow your knees to track toward your shoulders (B). EASY
Pause with your knees at or below 90 degrees.
Then push into your heels and return to the starting position (A) without locking your knees. HARD

women's health - LEG PRESS

Your feet should be hip-width apart. Turn your toes outward. Because women have wider, more-open hips than men do, this foot position unlocks the alignment of your legs, allowing you to better activate the muscles of the lower body.

women's health - LEG PRESS

Why It’s Perfect for You

I love this exercise because it is custom-made for the female body and it targets the hamstrings and glutes, which are often weak in women. Because you are seated and fully supported, it is ultra safe and allows you to direct all of your concentration and power to your lower body.

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