Sunday, September 20, 2015

women's health - LEG CURL




Position yourself so that your knees are just below the pad of the weight machine and the padded ankle roller hits between your calf muscle and your Achilles tendon.
With feet flexed, turn them out to 11:00 and 1:00. Slightly arch your lower back. grab the handles (A).


Position yourself as described above, but rise up on your elbows, keeping them just under your shoulders (see inset). This option isolates the hamstrings even more and is therefore more challenging.


Keeping your feet flexed, contract your hamstrings and pull your heels toward your butt (B). HARD
Pause without changing the arch in your lower back.
Then slowly lower your heels back to the start (A). EASY

women's health - LEG CURL

Keep your chest lifted up and outward if performing the Advanced version.

women's health - LEG CURL


Why It’s Perfect for You

Strengthening and toning the hamstrings will make the backs of your thighs look awesome. This move concentrates the resistance completely on this often weak muscle group as the knee flexes. What’s more, the exercise strengthens the muscles and tendons surrounding the knee joint, which is important for women, especially since they are particularly prone to knee injuries like ACL tears.

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