Sunday, September 20, 2015

women's health - FLAT DUMBBELL FLY




Lie on a flat bench with your feet up and hold dumbbells together directly over your chest using a neutral grip (palms facing each other). Press your shoulders down toward your hips, and allow a natural arch in your lower back (A).


Keeping a constant bend in your elbows, allow your arms to open outward in line with the middle of your chest (B). EASY
Pause with your upper arms parallel to the floor and your hands in line with your chest.
Contract your chest muscles and arc the dumbbells back to the start with your palms facing each other (A). HARD

women's health - FLAT DUMBBELL FLY

Why It’s Perfect for You

This move improves your chest strength without building muscle outward. It tones and tightens the area around your bra band as well as your arms. You’ll create nice definition across your chest and eliminate any unwanted bulges around your bra straps.

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