Sunday, September 20, 2015

women's health - FLAT BENCH PRESS




Using a full-length Olympic bar, lie on the bench with your feet up and your hands placed wider than your shoulders. unrack the bar and bring it directly over your chest with your arms fully extended and unlocked at the elbow. Actively depress your shoulders down toward your hips (A).


Bend your arms and allow the bar to slowly lower toward your chest. Aim for the middle of your chest directly over your nipple line (B). EASY
Pause with the bar just above your chest.
Activate your chest muscles and press the bar straight back to the start (A). HARD

women's health - FLAT BENCH PRESS

Look for the widest marks on the bar and place your hands so that your pinky finger is just inside this mark.
women's health - FLAT BENCH PRESS

Why It’s Perfect for You

This might be the best overall cheststrengthener of all. It is also a great foundation for many other movements and activities. This will improve your push-ups and chaturanga in yoga, while also targeting your triceps.

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