Sunday, September 20, 2015

women's health - WEIGHTED BALL FLEXION




Using a 55- or 65-centimeter physioball, sit on the front quadrant, holding a weight plate across your chest (A). See the inset for how to hold the plate.


From the upright seated position, engage your abs and slowly rotate backward as you allow the ball to counterrotate under you just a little bit (B). EASY
Pause on the back end at the point where you feel solid pressure in your core, where you are balanced but not straining.
Squeeze your abs to pull yourself back up to the starting position (A), allowing the ball to counterrotate back to the start. HARD

women's health - WEIGHTED BALL FLEXION

Hold the plate, 5 to 10 pounds, high on your chest.

women's health - WEIGHTED BALL FLEXION

Why It’s Perfect for You

This is one of the only weighted core exercises I like for most women. It’s a great way to truly strengthen your core in a functional and aesthetic manner. It will make you stronger by forcing you to balance while you flex up and back.

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