Sunday, September 20, 2015

women's health - HANGING KNEE-UP




Using the captain’s chair, prop yourself high with your elbows under your shoulders. Aggressively reach your head up toward the ceiling to maintain an energetic lift (A). This creates the ideal foundation from your shoulder girdle.


Bring your knees forward and upward by contracting your abs and without using momentum (B). HARD
Pause with your knees at chest height. Your pelvis should tuck under and pull away from the pad just a tiny bit.
Slowly lower your legs back to a straightened, hanging position (A). EASY

women's health - HANGING KNEE-UP

Why It’s Perfect for You

This. Will. Make. You. STRONG.
While this exercise is for your abs and core, there is a secondary benefit that comes from propping yourself up in the chair. By aggressively extending upward, you will be pushing with the muscles at the base of your shoulder blades. This improves shoulder-girdle stability. Also, the action of extending toward the ceiling strengthens the area under the arm and around the back that causes bra bulge.

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