Sunday, September 20, 2015

women's health - ASSISTED PULLUP




Grasp the assisted-pullup machine with a neutral grip (palms facing each other) and place your knees on the kneepad. Pull your shoulders back and down and lock in this position. Holding this position, simultaneously bring the other knee onto the pad as you lift up into the top starting position (A).


Keeping your shoulders drawn inward, slowly lower your body until your arms are fully lengthened (B). EASY
Immediately activate your back muscles and pull yourself upward to return to the starting position (A). HARD
Pause at the top position before lowering.

women's health - ASSISTED PULLUP

Alternative: Band-Assisted Pullup

If your gym doesn’t have an assisted-pullup machine, you can get the same effect with a large circular workout rubber band and a pullup bar. Secure the band around the middle of the bar, allowing the other end to fall.
Grasp the bar with a neutral grip or palms-facing-you grip. Pull yourself up and slip your foot or knee onto the loop in the band. Keeping your shoulders drawn in, slowly lower yourself until your arms are straight. The band will stretch under your weight. The tension in the band will assist you as you do the pullup.

Why It’s Perfect for You

Traditional wide-grip pullups can be difficult to perform and they build wide backs.
The narrow neutral grip strengthens and tightens your back and core area from your underarm to your hip bone. It targets bra bulge under the arm and around the back, trouble zones for many women. Yay!

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